I bought Dyna of Toyota

It is an individual, and I want to trade in a recycling company for a new truck.
A type getting on is stacked types and works particularly, and there is not the trouble, but is worried about the mileage with remarkable rises of the gasoline now.
Therefore I paid attention to Dyna sold from Toyota.
Even if the first charm is called anything, it is the low mileage.
I thought only of this because the amazing low mileage was expected to adopt a parallel-style hybrid system that there was not it.
Next is a durable body squeezing up from 1.0 tons to 1.5 tons.
That will not be fine, and product value only falls down if baggage squeezes up when I greatly shake because we carry a recycled product and am damaged.
It is awkward that it is more firm and is stable when I do not do a run.
I do it with a plating full hubcap well and can keep a run and think that after all the car of Toyota is great.
Because only this knew that there was a superior point because the Dyna was superior in safety, and there were a theft prevention function number frame set with and sound alarm, a triangle indication board or work whether it was not the equipment that I was glad for a driver, I purchased Toyota Dyna.
I am satisfied very much.